Monday, 2 December 2013

Ugh. But, we have a decorated tree so I should stop moaning.

Tired, Betsy coughing, tired, grumpy, tired etc.  I'm boring myself.

Let's look at the christmas tree instead.

Meg's Little Letter pack arrived today. It was a christmas tree craft, and she shared it with Betsy like she did last week.

Freddie was delighted to find a pink sheep in minecraft.  They are very rare, apparently, with a 1% chance of finding one.  Brown sheep are common, and are 50% of the sheep population.  He killed the pink sheep, and stashed the wool in his trunk!  

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Elves, candles, trees

Meg is much better today, less coughing, easier breathing, fewer puffs of ventolin.  Betsy is coughing instead, and feeling pretty rough.

Instead of making lunch for mum and the rest of the family as planned, Rob and I did some home jobs.  Freddie went out with Jarvis, Betsy and Meg played with Ethel.

Ethel is this year's christmas elf.  The plan was for Ethel to get up to fun and games with Eric.  Somewhat predictably, I can't find Eric, so she'll have to manage on her own.  The kids were all pleased to see her, and the advent calendar (with chocolate coins and joke of the day.  Today's joke - what do snowmen have for breakfast?  Ice crispies.  Boom boom).  

The wintery nature table went down well too.  Betsy loves the white felt snow.

 After lunch Betsy and Meg came with us to choose the christmas tree.  Freddie decided to stay at Jarvis's, and they went to the playground.

The garden centre had a merry-go-round, and the girl's had a ride.  We found the absolute most perfect tree.  We'll decorate it tomorrow.

This evening I lit the first candle in our advent wreath.  It looks lovely!