Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April highlights (with a kazillion photos)

This has been a realllly long month for some reason.  We've crammed a lot in. 

Rob took the day off and we went to Legoland (using our Merlin passes).  It was excellent - no queues for anything.  We went on the big roller coaster 8 times in a row!

We met up with family at Cliveden - played in the maze, in the playground, rolling down the hill in the gardens, had a picnic.

We went to Rob's parents for the weekend.  While there we visited a beautiful place called Sheepwash, a little stream that no one visits.  We found animal tracks in the sand.  Fred and Rob built a dam (Meg objected strongly so she and I went back to the car before the others!).

I love this photo of 3 generations of Fielding males play Subbuteo.

We visited Carrie and Solomon, and Meg picked a posy of spring flowers from Carrie's garden.
We met Zoe, Dallas and Billy at the Natural History Museum in Oxford.  The kids and I went on the park and ride, and they loved being on the top deck.

Meg made Easter nests, and the kids did a few egg hunts over the Easter weekend.

Rob took another day off and we went to Chessington World of Adventures (making the most of the Merlin passes this month!).  Meg and I went on the Scorpian Mine train rollercoaster 12 times.  (Rob has way better photos of Chessington than me, I'll try to remember to edit them in).

We went to Amanda, Caden and Miles's house for lunch and tie dying fun in the garden (which turned into bucket fun in the garden!).

The kids had a go at spin painting, which was lots of fun.  They all liked opening the salad spinner to see what the pictures looked like.

I'd cut out the centre of paper plates to use in the salad spinner.  I stuck some sticky back plastic to the paper plate rims, while Betsy and Meg collected flowers from the garden and the grass at the front of the houses.  They made really pretty suncatchers, and some pictures with the rest of the flowers.

Zoe hosted a garden science day, with dry ice experiments.  It was excellent!

And today we've been to the allotment.

On other days there's been lots of trampolining, minecrafting, FTL (Fred's current favourite laptop game), Battlefield 3 (Fred's current favourite PS3 game), swimming, playing with the local kids in the school holiday, Wendover Woods, Camp Mohawk, seeing my mum.  Busy busy.