Sunday, 16 October 2016

Center Parcs (and staying germy)

We've had a great week, despite continued illness.  Meg's cough was bad, especially at night, so I got a GP appointment on Monday morning.  The doctor prescribed steroids.  Ugh.  I thought those days were behind us.  At least her oxygen levels were ok, so no need for a nebulizer.

The steroid tablets taste revolting.  It was awful to begin with, she was gagging as she drank the water with a dissolved tablet.  Fred came up with a great solution - give it to her on a spoon.  I used much less water, so she only needed to take 5 or 6 teaspoons.  He showed her how to swallow it back so it didn't land on her tongue, reducing the taste.   I'm so grateful that he helped out, as she needed to do this 4 times a day for 3 days.  He made it much easier for her.

Once that was sorted out, and the car packed, we set off to Center Parcs.  We've been to Sherwood Forest a few times, but this time we went to Elveden.  We've been once before when Meg was a baby, but I think I was so sleep deprived that I can't remember anything about it!

There was a beautiful rainbow as we got close.  Amazingly we saw the end of the rainbow in a field, I've never seen that before.

We stayed a 10 minute walk from the village centre, so didn't bother with bikes.  By the time we arrived and unpacked it was dinner time, so we ate and then went swimming.  All of us love the pools and slides.  Rob, Fred and Betsy went to the Cyclone (I call it the Stupid Ride because it's terrifying), Meg and I did the flumes, the lazy river and the wave pool.

The rest of the week was fab.  We gave Betsy her birthday present early - a sports camera, like a Gopro but cheaper.  Oh my word, she was happy!

She filmed everything - all the different water slides, around the house, in the playground, on the pedalo.

We went swimming every day, and most evenings.  One evening we went to the sports bar - Fred and Rob played pool, Betsy and Meg went to the arcade.  They played air hockey, and did the 10p machines.

The kids had a junior quad bike session.  They all loved it.

The dinosaur is Meg's new one, she bought it from the toy shop with pocket money from Granny.  She adores him.

Rob really wanted to do some kayaking, so he did that while the rest of us went on a pedalo.

One of the things I love about Center Parcs is the nature.  We had a lake right behind the house, with ducks, geese, coots and moor hens.  We saw a million squirrels, and saw one burying something for the winter.  I have never seen that before!  Several times, we spotted deer eating plants and berries behind the house.  Rob, Fred and Betsy saw a woodpecker pecking a tree.  It was wonderful.

We used some of the leaves to make window art.

We watched a couple of films, bundled together on the sofa.

Towards the end of the trip the kids talked me into going on the Cyclone.  Stupid ride.  It's too scary.  On the last day I did it again, and we got tipped out!

It was a great 5 days, even if Meg was still under the weather.

Today is Betsy's 9th birthday.  She woke up with a streaming cold, but has had a good day.  We went to Mead Open Farm with Erin, Jarvis, Nanny and Grandpa. 

As usual, I'm keeping an eye on the kid's health and hoping it won't impact too heavily on the next few days.  We're meant to be going to stay with Rob's parents on Monday night, and go to Jodrell Bank on Tuesday.  Fred and Betsy are totally snotty, and feeling rough.  Ugh.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Germ magnets

We've had a fortnight of illness.  Bleugh.  Meg developed a tummy bug, and it rumbled around her, me and Fred for a week or so.  We missed our planned trip to the Museum of London, and more disappointingly the visit to the farm that I organised.  The feedback from those that went was really good, so I am pleased about that.  The week was a bit of a write off really, lots of movies on the sofa.

Everyone was feeling well on Saturday though, so Rob took them to the London Aquarium (I was off visiting a friend in Hastings for the weekend!).

Sunday brought the tummy bug back, so we skipped TVAP on Monday.  Library visit on Tuesday, everyone well so swimming and parkour on Wednesday.

On Thursday we went to Wendover Woods to meet a local home ed family.  It was so lovely, 5 children aged 13 down to 6 playing together.  They had such a great time, and we've arranged another date.  Fred and Ollie both like armed forces-type play, and both went dressed in camo gear.

Friday we made it to Mohawk for archery, magnetic slime, beading and general play and enjoyment.  I was in two minds about going as Meg was coming down with a cough.  

Betsy made party invitations today, and Meg did some apple printing.

As I write, Meg is coughing and coughing.  She's had umpteen puffs of blue inhaler, with a good sprinkling of brown.  I'm close to taking her to see a doctor (which, it being Saturday evening, would be A and E).   Fingers crossed she gets better!