Sunday, 19 February 2017

We've had a really nice couple of weeks.  We had a Chinese New Year session at TVAP, with fortune cookies, information about the different horoscope animals, crafts and games.

We've been to swimming and parkour.

Betsy and Meg had eye tests (Fred's isn't due for a few months).  They both have minor prescriptions, but as they don't have any other problems like headaches or eye strain they don't need glasses at the moment.

We popped into the County Hall to collect Meg's birth certificate.

The girls played a quick round of pooh sticks (or rather leaves).

Meg spent some Christmas money at the toy shop, and got an ultra rare Shopkins.

We went to town another day too, to get provisions for a party Betsy was organising.  It was the 1st birthday of Finley the Fox.  It was snowing a little when we went, very exciting!

Betsy and Meg decorated the fairy cakes, and Betsy spent ages making presents for Finley.

Party day!  Presents, cakes, party rings, pass the parcels, musical statues, musical chairs.

We've been to the cinema a couple of times - they went with their dad to see Trolls, and I took them to see Moana again.  They *loved* Trolls, and we got it on DVD the next day.  It's been watched 7 times in the last week!

We've had a couple of new games recently.  I saw a little of chatter on Twitter about Exploding Kittens and couldn't resist buying.  There were a few recommendations for Splendour too.

There's been lots of online gaming as usual.  Joint sessions of Roblox, Terraria, Minecraft. Fred's been playing PS4 with some friends and having a blast.  Meg's rediscovered Spore.

Lots of real life games too.

Fred's dog-walking job is going really well.  Sweep is not the most relaxed dog, and I'm impressed with how well Fred manages him.

We had a woodland session with Zoe and friends.

 Popping corn!

Betsy and Meg made some realllllly delicious bread rolls.  Mujm came over for lunch, and she and I had sweet potato soup made with homemade chicken stock, and fresh bread rolls. Gorgeous!

Betsy often helps out with making lunch.

While it's been very cold at points, the season is definitely changing.  It's been warm in the sunshine, and it's still light past 5.30pm.  The scooters have been out much more recently.

5.40pm yesterday!

Rob and the kids went to the allotment today.  Growing season approaches fast.

In knitting news, I've made some glorious rainbow socks.