Sunday, 19 March 2017

The month has flown by.  We've done the usual - TVAP, Mohawk, swimming, parkour - and some one off things - farm, science session, trip to London.

One TVAP session was first aid.  The kids (and parents) practised the recovery position, and we watched some videos about how to respond when someone has an accident.  They sewed a first aid pouch, which was filled with sterile wipes and plasters.

The other TVAP didn't have a theme.  On offer was street dance, followed by crafts (making dragons, making small notebooks, doing paper-cutting).  Fred opted out of street dance and read the Beano instead.  The girls and I danced.  It was fun, if complicated!  Meg spent ages on paper-cutting.  She was so patient.  Betsy and I watched some of the birds on the lake.  We saw two cormorants swim off from each other, dive, surface with a fish each, and offer the fish to each other.  It was amazing.

At Mohawk the weather was rubbish, so it was an indoor based day.  Soft play, craft (printing celery and lettuce, the prints look like flowers), jewellery making with proper tools.

The best thing that happened this month was this:

This is Sarah-Jane, my brother's baby.  She's teeny tiny (less than 5 pounds), and the sweetest thing.  Meg could not get over how cute she is.  She said 'she's just so cute!  She's even cuter than hamsters'!  Oh my, Meg.  So are you!

We're lucky that they live very near to us, so we've been able to pop in a couple of times.

Mum came to Mead Open Farm with us.  Some other home ed kids we know were there, and they had a great time.

Meg's been playing with Sylvanian Families a lot

We've made the most of nice mornings, and gone to the skate park.

We've been baking - the most delicious chocolate and banana cake, brownies, pitta bread.

I found an on line animation course for Betsy.  She got really into it for a couple of days, but has tailed off now.


Meg's teeth are falling out so quickly at the moment.

 Rob helped Betsy to learn how to use Movie Maker for her youtube videos.

Random photo of sleeping Rosie.

I met a friend at Borough market, and couldn't resist buying these carrots.

We did a blindfold carrot taste test.  I think that these varieties aren't as sweet as the ones that supermarkets usually sell,  so we found them a bit bland.  Excellent colours though, and it was fun to do.

Easter chick that cheeps when you put it on your palm.  So cute!

Standard moment in our house - Fred playing online with friends, Betsy swinging from the doorway.


This was fun - shaving foam paper marbling.

 The next morning Meg did some stamping on the marbled paper.

We had a great morning at a dry ice session.

We went to the British Museum.  We did one of the family trails, and that helped focus which rooms to visit.  It's easy to get overwhelmed as there is so much to see.  The Mexico room was popular, with the Aztec turquoise serpent, and we all found something we liked in the Native people area.  We'd been there about 90 minutes when Fred and Meg ran out of steam.  We had lunch and then popped up quickly to the Egyptians before heading home again.  A good day.

Holding a 350,000 year old hand axe.  Quite amazing.

More chilling.

Cute dog that Betsy made.

Rob got a new job and needed a car.  He's very happy!

This pack arrived.  It's a study conducted by the Natural History Museum.  We'll use our allotment for the test site.

Betsy joined an art based social networking app for kids called Popjam.  She loves it so much!

The trampoline was out of action for a few weeks after strong winds broke the net.  The new one arrived this week, to much joy.

I changed the nature table to spring yesterday.  I usually do it on the quiet, and wait for the kids to notice.  Meg spotted it first, and spent about an hour playing with it.  Happy me.

We have a busy week coming up.  TVAP, swimming , Tescos Farm to Fork visit, family funeral (kids will come to the wake at the pub), Big Bang Fair at Warwick Castle.  Plus Rob starts his new job.  Eek!