Friday, 6 March 2009

What Freddie did today

Only time for a quick list today...
  • Made a Duplo robot without any help (the first time he has done this).
  • Went to preschool.
  • Watched a bit of TV.
  • Did some 'maths' at lunchtime - how many sandwiches did you start with? How many have you eaten? How many are left?
  • Watched a squirrel with a nut out the window.
  • Did marble run.
  • Played with the Maisie Game - fine motor skills throwing dice and spinning spinner, taking turns, counting spaces, learning rules of the game.
  • Set up and played a dinosaur battle.
  • Playing Pingu games on the computer using the mouse and the arrow keys.
  • Experimented with what floats and sinks at bath time. Did this for quite a long time.
When I write it all out like this I can see how this might work.

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