Friday, 4 September 2009

'Reception' year starts

The summer holidays are at an end, and Freddie would have started in reception yesterday or today. We have carried on as normal, and it feels a little odd but we're all very happy!

We had a lovely week camping in Dorset last week, on a farm with hay bales, camp fires and so much space for the kids to run. We walked along the south coast path into Weymouth, met up with Kate and Tom (and baby Mo) in Glastonbury, went on a trip to Brownsea Island, poodled around the Sea Life Centre avoiding the rain showers, and got stuck in awful traffic on the way to Charmouth beach (but was worth it).

I'm going to try and keep rough track of what we get up to (in 'term time' at any rate) as a weekly log. It won't make fascinating reading but hopefully will help if (when) I have to produce evidence of learning activities.

So this week's main fun has included:

- playgroup
- lots of dinosaurs
- playing with the teepee
- lots of reading (volcanoes, dinosaurs, farms)
- mazes on the wipeaway cards
- cars making traffic jams etc
- shopping for food and essentials
- the Experience Education meeting (socialising with other home ed kids)
- Play day at Emma's
- Playing school (Freddie as 'school man' and me as the children. I have to draw what he asks and he marks me. I find this game really interesting as it's totally led by him but he hasn't really seen anything like this in action, so I'm not sure where he's picked it up from).
- Peeling carrots for tea
- Afternoon with some similar aged home ed kids, playing in the garden and making up games about an alien monster (naturally)

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  1. Ooh nearly forgot - since we got home from holiday we haven't turned the TV (I'm afraid we've been lying and said it broken) but what a difference it's made to the general feel of our day - much less moaning and arguing. Bliss. I'm not sure when it will get 'fixed' and how we'll manage TV time when it does come back.