Monday, 2 July 2012

Painting pottery

We went to a pottery painting cafe today (on another damp and miserable day).  We haven't been since Meg was tiny.  I'd forgotten quite how expensive it is, £51 for 3 children to paint one thing each plus a cuppa and some snacks.  Ouch.  Still, the kids enjoyed it.  We'll keep it as a very occasional activity though!
Meg chose a little dog to paint.  She did about half before she wanted to go and play in the toy corner, and I finished it off for her.
Freddie and Betsy both chose to paint a money box.  Betsy wanted a pig, and Freddie opted for a car.  They needed very minimal help from me.
Here are their finished items, ready for glazing and baking in the kiln:
We can collect them on Saturday and the kids are really looking forward to bringing them home.

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  1. Awww cute, but HOW MUCH?! I'm becoming one of those people that gasps aloud in shops at the prices ;)