Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day

A quieter day today.  

We popped to town in the rain to post our matchbox swap parcel.  The theme was prehistoric landmarks.  I found a puzzle website that creates word puzzles..  I made a word search with the names of local prehistoric barrows etc, and a code breaker about the Ridgeway National Trail.  It ends at Ivinghoe Beacon, which is a few miles away.  We added a mini standing stones model (from a make your own Stonehenge kit!) and a replica coin from c45 BC.  I hope our swap partners like it.

Apart from that we've stayed in, keeping warm.  I decorated the nature tray with the wooden hearts the girls made  the other day.  Betsy and Meg did some valentines cards and pictures. Fred played on the ipad and laptop,  Jeanie came over in the afternoon.  Fred and Betsy played with the Playmobil stuff for quite a while.  

Rob's meeting ended early today so he came home much earlier than usual.  A lovely start to the weekend!

Meg just found a bogey that 'looks like the number 7'!  Another sentence I wouldn't have predicted hearing before I had kids.....

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