Sunday, 31 August 2014

Summer catch up - July

As usual, I ended up taking an unscheduled blogging break over the summer.  I don't do lessons, we don't follow term times, and yet every summer there is an auto-switch that flips to 'school holidays'.  That means I don't have to do my homework.  As usual, the person that needs deschooling is me!

Most of what we did is lost in the mists of time, so here are some selected highlights.

We went to a friend's house for lunch.  They have a hot tub in the garden, and I'd brought swimmers over for the kids.  They loved it.  Magda got out the water slide and put it next to the wooden slide.  Brilliant!

We went fruit picking with Laura, Moss and Fable.  It was probably the last time we'll visit there with them, as they moved away in August.  This is very sad for Fred (and me).  We will see them, but less frequently.

Betsy and Meg picked lots of fruit and veg, while Fred and Moss made a fort with some crates they found.  Meg made a small fort too.

We went on an organised visit to Jordans Mill in Bedfordshire.  The kids did various activities, including identifying different types of cereal, making bread rolls, and watching the huge metal rollers in action.

Fred got chatting to another boy and they got on really well.  

I took the kids camping to a scout campsite near Banbury.  It was the 4th Big Camp organised by the Natural Mamas forum.  We camped with Hannah and her two children, and had 3 wonderful days of sunshine.  The kids played with stomp rockets, played in the hay, did army manouevers in the bushes (Fred), did painting (Betsy and Meg), and generally had a great time.

We camped under a tree, which was very sensible as it provided some much needed shade.

The car broke down, and we had to get towed home.  The kids *loved* that!  Me, not so much.  The clutch needed replacing, goodbye £500.

We had a few days at home before heading off to the next camping trip.  Lots of chilling out on the sofa with iPads.

Summer catch up continues in the August post.

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