Sunday, 31 January 2016


A lovely start to the new year, with a visit to Waddesdon.   There was an art installation by Bruce Munro.

Rob's birthday was on the 5th.  The kids all made cards, including Fred (he doesn't often enjoy drawing).

We all went to Mead Open Farm on Rob's birthday.

I ended up joining, and we went again later in the month.  We're looking forward to lambing!

Swimming and parkour are going well, and all the kids are enjoying the sessions.

We went to the woodland meet up in Taplow.  It was cold (not surprisingly) but we managed two hours. 

We went to Angela's, and as she had the air drying clay out we all made something.  The kids had a fire in the garden.

Betsy and Meg did some cool artwork on big paper.

We had a few days of cold weather, and the canal iced over. The kids loved it, and Betsy took a video:

Other favourites this month - Roblox.  Lots and lots of Roblox, with the 3 playing together, or 2, or 1.  Fred has been enjoying Team Fortress 2, and has struck up a friendship with a 10 year old in Egypt.  They skype and play most days.  I find it amazing!

We missed TVAP (Meg needed a GP appointment that day), but Billy and Zoe came over the following week.

My Lonely Planet guide to Iceland came - the planning for our trip begins now!

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