Friday, 13 January 2017

Huh, so I thought I'd done a post since the new year, but obviously not.  I'm losing my grip on time I think!

Ok, so 2017 so far.  Jarvis came for a sleepover.  It was lovely to see them together again, they played and laughed and played.  He'll come for another one in February half term.

Rob's birthday was on the 5th.  We spent some time preparing the day before - making cards and cake.  He took the day off on his birthday, and we went to London Zoo.  It was an excellent day.  Really cold and bright.  

The next day we were wiped out, but summoned up enough energy to make some soap.  Betsy got a kit for Christmas.  She loved it!  Her kit came with colours and fragrance, and she really enjoyed the process. The soap base wasn't very good so I've ordered some well reviewed stuff from ebay, and we'll have a soap-making day soon.

I took the kids to see Storks at the Kids Club showing at the cinema (aka cheap tickets).  They really enjoyed it, and some bits made them laugh so much!

This week:  Fred had a hair cut.  I bought the first bunch of daffs of the year.  Betsy and Meg did some gorgeous collages.  I bought a book from my childhood to read aloud.  Rob's birthday present arrived - he used Christmas and birthday money and bought a kayak!  Super exciting.  
The kids had a shift around in bedrooms - Betsy and Meg are now sharing, Fred has his own room.  They are all happy with the change (especially Meg, she is so so so happy about it!). The Odeon had half price tickets so we went to see Moana (loved it). Swimming/diving and parkour started back again.

Yesterday I had the day off - went to London for some art and a catch up with old friends.  Rob took the kids to the dentist (all well), they ran some errands, and set up a big car track with some new pieces that just arrived.

I got all inspired while at the British Museum.  We visited on my 40th birthday, and I remember feeling irritated by the kids being a bit grumpy and hard work.  It occurred to me that this was 4 years ago.  They were so young!  7, 5 and 2.  Talk about expecting too much of them.  Anyway, I had a look at the family trails you can borrow, and they look great.  So I'm planning another visit using one of the trails.  

And it reminded me of all the other things I'd like to take them to - the Great Fire exhibition at the Museum of London,  the Science Museum, lambing at the farm nearby.  I saw an interesting exhibition advertised while walking along the river to the Tate Modern.  Adventures in Moominland at the South Bank Centre, and I've emailed them to arrange a home ed visit.

Today we had a little snow.  Yay!

Rob's taking me on a mystery overnight stay tomorrow for my birthday.  Mum's coming to babysit.  I'm very much looking forward to it!

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