Monday, 28 May 2018

I've been missing the blog, so have decided to get back to it.

It's been a busy few months, with the most regular activities we've ever had.  Weekly swimming and diving, parkour and a home ed group on a farm take up a lot of the week.  Monthly groups at TVAP and Mohawk, plus day trips and seeing friends leaves just enough time to do laundry and shopping!

Fred and Betsy joined the Sea Cadets in October.  One evening for Betsy (Juniors go once a week), two for Fred, plus some weekend residentials.  Boating season has started, so they're out rowing, kayaking and canoeing here and there too.

Meg is a Beaver, and very much enjoys it.  She moves up to Cubs soon, meaning Cub camps round the corner!

What have we been up to this week?

Fred had a 2 night sleepover at Billy's.  He went to TVAP, while the girls and I had a enforced day at home.  Rob's car was getting fixed, so he had my car.  When it was ready we got a black cab from town to the garage.  Later, Betsy had PT at Sea Cadets.  It's proper hardcore circuit training!

On Tuesday we had the car back, and drove over to collect Fred.  It was a beautiful day, and we had time to have a cuppa and chat in the garden, along with some art.

Meg had Beavers.  She's working on her Builder badge, and designed a bug house.

Wednesday was swimming (Meg) and diving (Betsy and Fred), then to a splash park meet up via a bike shop.  Fred's getting a bike for his birthday, and I wanted him to try a couple out rather than take pot luck with online ordering.  He chose a cool looking orange and grey BMX (the bottom one). 

It was pretty chilly at the splash park, which was a shame after the lovely warm weather we'd been having.  The water proved irresistible!

In the evening Betsy and Fred had rowing at Cadets. 

I had a new phone being delivered on Thursday, and the kids were all tired and wanted a chill day, so we skipped parkour.  Fred had a dodgy back from a bad landing on the trampoline, and Betsy had DOMS from rowing!  Best to take it easy all round.

Random 'new phone camera' photos!

Cars and mud small world play.

Moon and (can't really see them) swifts.

On Friday they started off the day playing Roblox together.  I love this.

Then off to see friends we haven't seen in months.  Meg found a mud kindred spirit in I.  They spent all afternoon creating a wedding party out of mud.  She was so muddy I stripped her off before she got in the car!

Fred was happy to hang out with 4 other boys on the PS4 and playing with some cool toys.  So much laughter coming from the room!

Betsy hung out with the mums in the kitchen, chatting and painting.  Lovely afternoon.

Bank holiday weekend arrived.  I wanted to do a toy sort and clear.  The back room was stuffed full of all soerts, and no one can get to any of the toys and games.  So, the extra car seats are back in the car.  Outgrown shoes have been removed, so we don't have quite the she mountain now.  Games that are no longer enjoyed have been weeded out.   Things like the duplo don't get played with but we don't want to get rid of have been bagged up and put in the loft. A great afternoon's work!

Rediscovered tap-tap.

Betsy watched a youtube video about bullet journalling, and started one.  She was surprised when I said I do this too!  She did lots of spreads, here's her future log (much cooler than mine, obvs)

Meg worked on her bug house.

Fred's all about the pc, and doesn't spend much time on the PS4 at all.  He has a group of friends he hangs out with there.

Sunday Rob and the girls took bikes to the park.  Jarvis and his dad and step mum came over, and they took all 3 swimming.  It's so nice to see Jarvis, and he and Fred step right back where they left off every time.

We tried to watch The Greatest Showman together in the evening, but there was an epic storm so we kept pausing it to watch the lightening!  We'll try and finish it tonight.

Fred and Betsy have had boating day today, with some rowing, kayaking and canoeing.  They loved it.  Meg has been playing with Jake. 

It's half term this week, so no swimming lessons or parkour.  There's plenty of other things in the diary though!

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