Monday, 6 July 2009

Lots of paper!

Despite an early morning - Freddie getting me out of bed at 6.30am ( I do miss those mornings when he woke up at 8 or even later!) - we've had a pretty good day. A few meltdowm moments but I handled them a bit better than I have been of late.

He spent quite a long time drawing shapes and cutting them out. I drew a square and triangle for him but he did the others by himself. Betsy joined in and sat for 15 minutes looking at some shapes I did for her and 'naming' them, even when I went upstairs. Result!

They also made cakes with scrunched up paper, mixing bowls and spoons. Again they both got involved with minimal input from me.

Later in the afternoon Freddie spent another big chunk of time being a postman and posting some paper and old letters into the washing basket.

Another current theme is pretending to be a little dog. He spends ages on this - he is a dog looking after lots of little dogs, I am a vet or the dog's daddy, I am a farmer feeding the dogs etc etc. Today he was a dog when we were at the playground, pushing his little dogs on the swing and scampering around on hands and knees.

In between we've been to the shops (almost a daily event as I always seem to run out of something), he's had a swimming lesson, played a game of dominos and played the Billie Goats Gruff (complete with bridge and troll thanks to Rob!).

I even managed to clean the living room. Goodness!

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