Monday, 13 July 2009

Start of the summer holidays

Freddie had his leavers party last Friday. He didn't really get it - kept asking why nursery was ending. I think if he was going to school in September it would all make much more sense to him. He's not unduly concerned, it was just not terribly straight forward!

Last week we went to meet a long-standing home ed family a few miles from where we live. Freddie loved it, not least because they had a trapeze in the living room and chickens living under the trampoline in the garden. It was great to meet them and see what the future could hold, as I do feel like I'm teetering on the edge of something I don't quite understand (but rather like the look of).

Rob came back from work with news that redundancy is a possibility. This is not good news, for him, for us or for the home ed plan. I'm half thinking I may need to work weekends.

But for now here I am - here we are - at the beginning of the journey. When I asked the home edder I met last week what her advice might be to a newbie, she said don't panic (which I sort of am) and don't do much at all while the kids are young. That fits with how I am feeling, so for now I won't be getting the phonics out, or making lapbooks, or setting targets. I will be taking the kids to maize mazes, and NT gardens, and museums, and the allotment, and to see friends. And we'll see what we learn on the way.

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