Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Catching up #2 - week of 21st September

Rob was off on Monday so I left him with the kids and went shopping in Hemel. Finally got a saute pan (20% voucher + 20% sale + gift card = £5 to pay. Woo hoo!).

Later Freddie and I went to town to pick a few bits up from the charity shop for the (newly organised) dressing up box. This was fab:
  • we went to the cafe
  • we got a straw hat
  • we got a chiffon scarf that doubles as a cape
  • it was just me and the boy
Freddie loved the chiffon scarf and it led to lots of dressing up fun..

We had an open house coffee morning the next day. Freddie and I had made some chocolate and banana muffins, which turned out really well. I helped him with the weighing, and he did the stirring. Two families came, Lucy and her 9 year old, and Claire with her daughters (4 and 2 ) and her nearly due bump. It was lovely to chat to some local(ish) people.

We pottered around at the garden centre the following day. I wanted to make Duncan a pot of bulbs for his birthday, and get some bulbs for forcing for Christmas. While we were there I saw a competition for children to grow some tulip bulbs - you get 3 free ones to plant and bring along next May. Freddie will be planting them in apot in the next couple of weeks. You have to keep a diary, sdo I'll see if he wants to take some photos of the planting, and then over the winter as he checks and waters the pot. What a cool idea! We'll have to keep a look out for other bits and bobs like that, as they seem to offer quite a few activities for kids.

We went to Joelle's for a science experiment day at the end of the week. She's so amazingly organised -she'd set up so many activities to try out. Freddie got involved in lots of them - Melody's Montessori sensory stuff, floating and sinking games, making shakers, paper areoplanes, torches and reflections, cornflour gloop (my favourite - I loved this!), and - Freddie's all time best thing ever - the baking soda volcano. Brilliant!

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