Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sunny days - week of 28th September

The week started quite badly. Betsy was in a *serious*grump. Very little would placate her. Mum and I took the kids to Wendover Woods on Sunday, thinking that getting her out might help her shake it off but she just screamed and screamed. She never did that even as a baby.

She didn't sleep well on Sunday night (and so neither did Rob and I). I cancelled a playdate with a home edder I hadn't met yet, and we just toodled up to the library and did some errands in town.


Betsy was still feeling very sorry for herself, but luckily her big brother was on hand with a hug.

Freddie got the short straw with Betsy demanding so much attention, but he did draw an excellent picture of an Allosaurus on the chalk board. And very pleased he was too!

On Tuesday and Wednesday Betsy was still very out of sorts. We risked another trip to the woods on Wednesday, as much for my sanity as for the kids. This time it was Ashridge, and we spent a truly wonderful hour climbing felled trees, kicking through leaves, sitting in houses made of sticks and enjoying the beautiful last-day-of-September sunshine.
One of Freddie's ex-preschool friends came round to play on Thursday afternoon. It was lovely to catch up with her mum, who I miss chatting to when waiting for the kids. On Friday we met another friend who is now in reception, at Ashridge (again!). Another romp through the woods in the sunshine, and chocolate amongst the trees....

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