Thursday, 13 December 2012


I have many Christmas things to do.. Cards to write, presents to make, presents to wrap.  Instead of getting on with it, I look at my list, make some notes.  Kind of like making a really good revision timetable, and not doing any revision.  I got fed up with the list so I'm blogging instead! 
Here's the quilt I made for baby Sid.  His mum and dad really liked it (yay!).
We had our home ed co-op Christmas session yesterday.  A couple of us took some crafts along, and another made really delicious little pinwheel pies, and chocolate dipped fruit.  The kids either ran around playing, or made angels, glittery pinecones or paper baubles.  Meg so very much loves glitter and glue.
Today we went to the grotto in town.  It's normally pretty good, especially as it's free.  But today, oh my goodness.  The Father Christmas was awful.  Not big (would some padding have hurt?), not jolly, not chatty. We were there maybe 45 seconds, and there wasn't even a queue of people behind us.  Very disappointing.
The weather is cold cold cold and frosty at the moment.  Yesterday there was a hoar frost, like the world had been painted white.  It was beautiful.  Today is was still frosty, and the canal is frozen over.

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