Saturday, 1 December 2012


The first day of December, and it's frosty, cold and most definitely winter.  

Eric the Elf arrived with the advent calendar, we're looking forward to seeing what he gets up to over the next few weeks.
All the autumn things have been put away until next September.  The nature tray is quite empty, waiting for us to make some new wintery additions.  We have painted some wooden snowmen and Christmas trees so we've put them in now.
I wanted a new jam jar lantern as the autumn leaf one has gone away, so Betsy and I cut up some jewel-coloured acetate sheets and Mod Podged them onto a huge jar I'd squirreled away.  It looks beautiful.
Rob's making chilli jam for Christmas hampers, tomorrow we're getting some outdoor lights for the front of the house.  Love love love December!  And it's my mum's birthday today - happy birthday mum! xxx

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