Wednesday, 21 May 2014

More water, and green fingers

The fine weather continues, despite predictions of torrential rain and thunderstorms.  We made the most of the heat on Monday, and met up with Natalie and Toby at Cassiobury Park paddling pools in Watford.  

The kids were in and out of the water and the playground.  It has the best zipwire - long and fast, as well as a small trampoline, a sandpit, lots of different swings and a reasonably big slide.  The miniature railway was running, so Betsy, Meg and I took a trip through the woodland.

On Tuesday we went swimming with Zoe and Billy.  Betsy can suddenly swim underwater!  She likes to go under without goggles and is delighted that she can open her eyes.  Her confidence in the water has gone up and up, it's wonderful to see.

Today was forecast wet, but it's been lovely all day.  We went to the allotment as I wanted to plant the young courgette plants.  I grew lots from seed and am giving most of them away, keeping three.  That will yield more than enough courgettes for us!

Fred helped to dig one of the holes, and Meg watered them in.  I used the compost from the wormery to give them a nutrient boost.

Afterwards we went to the garden centre.  I wanted to get Fred some wellies but annoyingly they don't do kids sizes.  Instead I bought some gorgeous flowers for pots in the front garden. The search for wellies will continue another day!

When we got back I noticed that the 'Grow Your Own Potatoes' spuds are flowering.  The flowers are so pretty and delicate.

The other plants destined for the allotment are coming along nicely (if I can keep the night time snails off them).  I have tomatoes and jack-be-little pumpkins that have grown into lovely young plants, and am waiting for a winter squash called Winter Fairy to germinate.  Only one green bean seed germinated, so I'll probably stick it in a pot in the garden and see what it does.

After lunch the kids asked to play some games - chess for Betsy and Meg, Game of Life for Fred.  Later Fred played outside with Jarvis, and the girls made an animal land in the garden.
Then it was back in the house for computer games and duplo/playmobil.

I've finally ordered the replacement trampoline bed, and that should arrive on Friday. Fingers crossed it's dry so I can put it on.  The kids have missed it!

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