Thursday, 5 June 2014

Spring to summer

A catch up post is required!  The month has turned from May to June, so it's summer now. No sign of flaming June yet though, it's been pretty damp.  The flipping slugs are loving it, and have eaten all my courgette plants at the allotment.  Not happy.

Anyway, back to the last week of May.  We had planned to meet up with Amanda, Caden and Miles.  The weather looked showery, but I assured everyone any rain would be light (because I always believe the forecast!).  We went to Rushmere Country Park - woods, rhododendrons, ferns, fairy doors in the trees. Lovely.

Half way round it began to rain, heavily.  With some thunder!  It was fun.  Despite the weather the kids climbed trees, crossed rickety bridges, sat on giant chairs.  Meg got tired half way round, and as I'd grabbed the wrap from the car I could carry her.  It was wonderful, the first time for ages.

The drive home was very exciting.  The heaviest rain I have driven in for a long time, the kids loved it!  Hail, thunder, all very dramatic.

Then it was half term, so we had the neighbours to play with.  For the bank holiday weekend I'd half planned to go to Warwick Castle and the cinema, but Betsy got a sickness bug so we had a quiet one.  

This week we went strawberry picking with Laura, Moss and Fable.  The PYO farm is lovely, with a bouncy castle and slide, big sand pit and a cafe.  We took lunch and spent the afternoon there.  The kids had a 'pick the biggest strawberry' competition.  Betsy found two huge ones!

Sand mountain with caves (a collaborative construction by Fred, Moss and Betsy)

 Home ed takeover of the slide!

 In the polytunnels.

Mid pick!

Big strawberry.

I made a cake with some of the strawberries.  It was delicious.

Angela, Heather and Jasper came over to play yesterday afternoon.  Before that I'd got the pattern blocks and the tap tap set out.  All three made a picture with the hammer and nails.

Today we met up with several families at Wendover Woods.  Betsy wasn't really up for it, and after an hour or so asked for my phone so she could play Minecraft.  Meg tootled about and went on the swing, and Fred played 'real life' Minecraft with his friends.  It was a lovely afternoon in the sun.

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