Saturday, 11 October 2014

A week in brief

A few days passed without any photos (very rare!).  I took the kids to Legoland but it was closed. Oh no!  We ended up at Chessington World of Adventures instead.  I wouldn't have planned that, as I felt Chessington would be more difficult without Rob.  But we had a brilliant day.  

The last time we went (exactly one month before) the queues were huge - 30, 40, 50 minutes.  All the queues were 5 minutes this time.  Fred, Betsy and I went on two big rides while Meg waited for us with the ride operator.  We did loads of rides together - the scorpion mine train (A Lot), the big pirate ship, the small ships, some others I can't remember now. They went into the indoor play area, and the shooting ball bit.  We had such wonderful fun. 

The following day was a quiet one at home, though we did pop out to Aldi to get Halloween cotumes.  That evening Fred's top lip  started to swell up, and by 10pm it was enormous.  

I took him to A and E.  They suspected it was an allergic reaction to something and gave him some Piriton and steroids.  Then we just sat and waited to see if it went down.  Luckily we were in a room with a bed and a TV, so I channel surfed until I found something that Fred liked - so we had River Monsters, and lots of real life police programmes.

Finally at 2am they let us go home.

We had Camp Mohawk the next day.  Fred and I were tired but both wanted to go.  We went, it had a great time as usual.

At the weekend we all (including Rob) went to Ikea.  On the way back we popped into the allotment.  Fred cut some courgettes to bring home, and I was delighted to see lots of miniature Jack-be-little pumpkins.  They are very cute!

On Monday Meg stayed with a friend while I took Fred and Betsy to see Ten Pieces at the cinema, a classical music film by the BBC.  Fred sat in a row with some of his friends, and Betsy sat with me.  Fred liked one piece of music (In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Greig).  Afterwards he said that classical music isn't his thing.  Betsy didn't enjoy it the film to begin with, but about halfway through she said she liked it.

When we got home, Fred was playing a battle game on his ipad.   He said that the music in the game was really good, as it went with the fighting.  For me that was wonderful - he noticed the music, and what it was trying to convey.  

In the afternoon I packed for our trip to Wales, which is the subject of my next post.

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