Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The last day of September

Yesterday I had errands to run, so we went to town in the morning.  After lunch Betsy and Meg did some crafts.  I'd bought a Mister Maker magazine, and there were some projects that Betsy wanted to do.

Meg preferred to make a collage using bits from the magazine and our stock of pom poms and shiny shapes.

Later, Fred and I played the Game of Life and Downfall (love his silly faces).

We had a lovely morning at Ashridge.  The weather was beautiful - warm and sunny.  We met up with friends at the play area.

Angela made a spiral in the wood chips.  Meg made one too.

I'd brought card and tape to make leaf crowns.  

We went further into the woods, and the kids climbed over fallen trees.  I'd also brought clay to make faces on trees.

Betsy spotted these tiny fungi.




Another of Fred's:

The kids were starving, so left and went home for lunch.  The Mystery Machine was in the car park so we took a few quick photos.  Betsy was convinced it was the real thing.

In the afternoon we did some leaf rubbing, as a run through for an activity at Mohawk on Friday.  We tried using pencils, crayons and oil pastels.

Betsy finished some puzzles that she'd started yesterday.  She loves these puzzles.  It led to a short discussion about animal classification.

Fred found a butterfly in the bathroom. I took it outside, and he spent about an hour with it. He asked me to give it sugar water, and he made a little flowery enclosure for it.  I did explain that butterflies have short lives, and he got that, but he wanted to stay with it anyway.  It was really very sweet.  He has such a kind and sensitive side to him.

I think we'll wring every drop out of the warm autumn weather, and go to Legoland tomorrow.

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