Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Not back to school

As usual, the pace picks up in September.  We started with a home ed day at the Science Museum, though oddly it was before the schools went back so it was *packed*.

We spent some time in the pattern pod, and the launchpad.  We saw the Flash Bang Wallop show and enjoyed that.  But it was just too busy.  

Fred spent quite a while trying to build a bridge using counter weights.  He managed to get to 'amazing'!

In the pattern pod.

Zoe, Billy and Dallas came over, and we spent a happy few hours with them.

We went to a not back to school picnic at Aston Clinton.  We brought wheel this time so the kids could whizz around the skate park.

Today we went to World of Crocodiles in Oxfordshire.  We visited them before when they were in a smaller building and had a great day.   It's even better now they've moved to somewhere bigger.

They have a greater diversity of animals, including those that may share the same habitats as crocodiles, alligators, caimans and monitor lizards.  Favourites for the kids were the otters and the meercats.

The otters were inside, as the keepers were bringing some extra logs for them.  It meant we got to see them close up.  Later, we watched them being fed.

There is a viewing bubble in the meercats enclosure.  During the meercat talk, the keeper threw their food towards it, so the kids could were right next to them when they eating!

We also saw the nile crocdiles being fed.  They were very exciting to watch (but rubbish to photograph with my slow camera phone).

The visit included a workshop.  I've found these tend to be rather hit or miss, with more misses! This one was really good though.  The education officer was enthusiastic and fun, and kept the kids engaged pretty much the whole time.

It was a really worthwhile visit, and the kids enjoyed it.

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