Thursday, 3 December 2015


Working in the evenings has really impacted on my blogging time!  I do miss having a record of what we've been up to, so I'm going to do an Autumn summary, and then do a monthly post. This should be manageable.

So, selected highlights.

Making stick people, and swimming in the heated outdoor pool at Camp Mohawk.

Betsy went to Cub Camp.  She enjoyed the activities, disliked the food, and sometimes felt lonely.  She stopped Cubs the week after.

A couple of nights visiting Laura, Moss and Fable in their beautiful home in the Welsh hills.

STEM activities and beautiful Autumn tree crafts at TVAP.

Dressing up.

Changing the nature tray to Autumn.

An excellent visit to Covent Garden with my mum.  We went to see 120 Shauns, one (Lamb Chop) designed by my brother Duncan.  We had lunch in Cafe Rouge, and the kids enjoyed the food!  It was fab.

A wonderful, restorative day at Kew Gardens with our friends Carrie and Solomon.  I used to go to Kew so often when Fred was a baby/toddler, it felt like coming home.  And the colours were stunning.

Fred in camo, just because.

Making good use of the leaves we collected at Kew Gardens.

Betsy's birthday!  We went to Mead Open Farm and had a blast.

More dressing up.  Meg loved this outfit, and wanted to go out so people could see her.  We walked to Waitrose, and she was very pleased with all the comments!

Betsy got some make up for her birthday.

Community woodland day in Taplow, organised by Zoe.  We had an explore, Meg ate an apple from a huge apple tree, Fred read the paper by the fire, we made clay decorations on trees, and played capture the flag.

We looked after Tom and Jessica's rabbits for a week.

The kids helped me with a pumpkin decorating competition at work.  Our gnome home came second!

Meg's pumpkin, and Betsy's pumpkin.

Fred's pumpkin.

A holiday at Center Parcs.  So much swimming!  Plus Betsy did tree climbing, Meg did mini trekkers, Rob and Fred did laser clay pigeon shooting.  And there were excellent fireworks.

We made lanterns.

Gorgeous lights.

Lots of time spent watching birds and squirrels.

Airfix modelling.

Drawing on the paper tablecloth.  It was completely covered by the end of our break.

Making and decorating fairy cakes.

Chilling with Rosie.  She spends a lot of time sleeping on Fred.  So sweet.

There is more, lots I've missed out - Ancient Greek session (leading to a few viewings of Clash of the Titans), visit to the cinema to see Inside Out, weekly parkour gym classes and swimming lessons, weekend in Devon with friends.

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