Sunday, 18 September 2016

Groups, classes, outings, home!

We've had a lovely week.  We've done a bit of everything.  The weather has been hot hot hot (Tuesday was the hottest September day since 1949).

Monday was the first TVAP of this term.  There was a drumming session followed by group games, then all three did a different activity.  Fred did Lego engineering, Betsy did print-making with a local artist, and Meg did tissue paper window pictures.

Fred wasn't super keen on his one.  He did it, but I think would prefer not to do it again.  Betsy loved the printing.  Meg really enjoyed creating her window picture, and spent ages on it.

Then they had lunch, and were in and out of soft play, the scooter/bike area, and the splash zone.

We spent Tuesday at home, playing different games and with the hose in the garden.

Betsy (especially) and Meg spent ages working on the Pokemon-inspired game planning.  I wonder how I can help her to take it past this stage.  Rob and I need to do some research.

Wednesday was swimming/diving/parkour day.  Mum came along to watch, and the kids all enjoyed having her there.  

On Thursday we had the Best Day Ever at Chessington.  There were absolutely no queues for anything.  Meg and I went on the Vampire 6 times.  Betsy and Fred got stuck on the Dragons Fury for a few minutes, and saw the whole thing as a great adventure.  So many times during that day I found myself thinking how flipping happy I was, and how lucky I am.  The kids are such great company.

On Friday it rained and we stayed at home.  Rebecca, Isabel and Alex came over in the afternoon.  Later, Betsy and Meg made some creature homes out the front.

Fred's been spending a lot of time on a Roblox game called Food Empire, making factories and developing structures.  Roblox is great, as anyone can join games together no matter what platform they're playing on.  The three of them join role playing games together, helping each other out and deciding who will do what.

Rob and Fred went to watch Port Vale v Gillingham yesterday, with Rob's dad.  PVFC won, and they had a really good time.  Meg and I watched a couple of Disney films, while Betsy played with the neighbours.

It's been a good week for wildlife.  Rob made a small pond last week, and this week the kids spotted a frog in it.  Great excitement!

A cormorant has been around the canal for the last few days, and the kids saw it being chased off by one of the swans.  We're lucky to have the canal right outside.

We have a relatively quiet week coming up, but if the weather's nice I'll see if they fancy a trip to Mead Open Farm, or the woods.  Or both!

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