Saturday, 3 September 2016


Obviously way to much to catch up on, even highlights would be too long.  Let's see what photos I'm drawn to post here!

Meg bought a cat play set, with ears, tail and collar.  Hugely successful purchase.

Family over for Easter lunch.

Diving lessons!  Fred and Betsy love this, and will be starting again this week.

Gym rings, a great addition.

An interesting visit to a local family-run farm.

Fred, Rob and I went to a match sponsorship at Port Vale.  Fred was part of the small group who gave the man of the match award, and we both went onto the pitch before kick off.

Parkour lessons remain a favourite for all three.

Legoland - Betsy now big enough to go on lots of rides with an adult.  Happy theme park days for us!

Fred facing his fears and doing the sky trail at Mead Open Farm.  I was really proud of him.

On the train to London to watch The Railway Children at the Kings Cross Theatre.

Playing in the rain.

One of many fires over the last few months, this one in the woods at Taplow, plus lots at Zoe's. We've made lots of pancakes over the fire, as well as toasting dozens and dozens of marshmallows.

Waddesdon with nanny, where Colourscape was back again.

Fred's 11th birthday.

Queens 90th birthday street party.

Wonderful 5 days camping at Crealy theme park in Devon.

Meg's 6th birthday.

Circus skills workshop.

And using the workshop for some inspiration!

A fantastic immersive art installation at Milton Keynes shopping centre, called Magic Carpets by Miguel Chevalier.

A ridiculously hot day at Legoland.  We left at 2.30, too hot for queuing!

Wonderful wonderful holiday with Zoe and her kids.

Natural Mamas Big Camp.  A fab weekend.

Fred and Jarvis did a sky dive at Air Kix.  He loved it.

Betsy and Meg got the train with Granny for a sleepover.

We very sadly said goodbye to Jarvis and Tor, who have moved away.  We will see them again, but will really miss having them as neighbours.

A girl's night out to see Dan TDM!!

A few days at Laura's in Powys.  It's totally heavenly there.

And that's up to date!


  1. Really wonderful. What a lot of diverse activities and opportunities the children have! So many happy faces :D