Sunday, 2 April 2017

We survived our busy week!

TVAP was fun - school fete type stalls raising money for Comic Relief.  We ran a find-the-treasure stall, using a pirate map with a grid.  20p bought you 2 squares and a mini egg.  The winning square had an easter egg.  Betsy won!

One of Fred's friends brought in her bearded dragon, and charged 50p for an information and handling session.  

On the way to TVAP we detoured to Windsor and bought a new (second hand) car.  A 7 seater! Very exciting.  

Tuesday was the only day with no plans, but we were on the go with this and that.  We picked some bits and bobs from town.  It was Rob's last day of leisure before stating his new job.  Most of us went to the allotment, Fred opting to stay at home.  He's been having a brilliant time playing with online friends, mostly on the PS4.  Lots and lots of Overwatch.

The stream that runs alongside the allotment site.

Betsy demonstrating how chilly it was!

Rob's new nature pond.

 Feeding the worms.

Betsy and Meg made Mother's Day cards for the grandmothers, ready for posting.

Betsy found a Spanish language app, and made herself a translator. 

Wednesday was swimming in the morning.  While the big two were diving  Meg played on her ipad, with an audience!

I had a funeral to go to in the afternoon, my great aunt.  The kids went to mum's, I drove my folks to the funeral while mum's lovely friend sat with the kids.  They had such a good time with her, Betsy especially took a shine to her (and said later that we should go to her house sometime, and pop in to see Nanny afterwards!  Haha, poor mum!).

The kids came to the wake at the pub afterwards, and enjoyed the company and the food.

The next day was The Great Sandwich Taste Test.  The kids don't really eat sandwiches, and were all keen to try some.  Betsy and Meg made a pictorial shopping list.

We prepared a variety of sandwiches.

Billy and Zoe came over, and the Taste Test began.

Unfortunately most were rejected!  But it was fun process, and we'll do it again sometime soon.

After lunch the girls and I took a walk with Zoe and Pablo.

The boys played Roblox.

Later a neighbour came over with a splat pie face game.  So fun!

Friday - Warwick Castle.  We were up and out early, and arrived at 9.30.  The new car was brilliant.

The Big Bang Science Fair was on, but that area was so crowded with school visits the kids decided not to go in.  We had a great time in the castle, everyone interested and asking questions about different bits.

The peacocks were doing their thing, beautifully.  And we saw the excellent bird of prey display.

Like the British Museum the other week, they ran out of steam quite suddenly.  We left and were home by 3pm.  There is something very liberating about not insisting they stay longer.  I love being able to say, ok, yes, let's go now.  

When we got back, Betsy and Fred worked on a Minecraft video.

On Saturday, Rob and Fred went to a Port Vale match (a terrible one, apparently).  The girls and I went to see Beauty and the Beast.

Sunday was Mother's Day.  I worked till lunchtime, then came home to 21 homemade cards, beautiful fairy cakes, homemade breadsticks.  It was so sweet!

We had a day at home on Monday.  Meg had a sore area near her ribs that hurt when she jumped on the trampoline, so Betsy made a medical file and tried some treatments.

There was lots of gaming.  Spore for Meg, Overwatch for Fred, various for Betsy.

Potion making.

We went to Mead Open Farm on Tuesday.  Busy busy busy, then a big chill once we were home.

The last swimming and parkour of the term on Wednesday.

On Thursday we said goodbye to our old car, the Berlingo.  We'd had it longer than any car I've owned before, and I was unexpectedly sad about it going away to be recycled.

It was a mooching kind of day.  Bubbles, trampoline, shopping, and some lovely cousin squishing.

 Camp Mohawk on Friday.  Soft play, archery, craft, friends.  

Fred got a bullseye.

It's been a lovely weekend.  Rob and Betsy went to TK Maxx to get some headphones.  Meg helped Rob wash his car.  Various local friends were in and out all day.  Meg and I went shopping and she bought a bug set, with a net, magnifying glasses, pots etc.  I bought some chalk for pavement art and hopscotch.

Jarvis and his dad and step mum came over today.  It's been a while since we've seen them, and it was lovely to catch up.  They brought their inflatable kayak, and they all had a go out on the water.  It was Rob's maiden voyage!  He bought a kayak with Christmas and birthday money, and has been waiting for the weather to warm up.

Fred in particular loved it, and went out 4 times.

Meg had a go on the back of Andy's, and then spent ages catching bugs and opening a bug shop (selling bugs, soil and leaves).

Signs of spring - hawthorne blossom, frogspawn.  We are so lucky to live right next to the canal.

Easter holidays now, so I'm anticipating lots of local kids over to play.

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