Sunday, 23 April 2017

The rest of the Easter weekend was lovely.  The kids loved their chocolate.  Betsy put a chick in her Easter egg, so cute!

We pootled about at home, it was lovely not to have anything in particular to do.  

Rob found some water snail eggs.  I had no idea this is what they look like.

Erin was over for much of the day, so there was Roblox happening.

We had a visit from Sarah-Jane and her mum, and everyone had a cuddle.  She's the loveliest little baby!

I worked on the bank holiday Monday, but not until the afternoon.  We used the morning to plant the potatoes at the allotment.

We're planting under cardboard and woodchips again, as it was very successful last year.  

Everything is looking great - apple blossom, cherry blossom, strawberry flowers.  Hoping it all turns to fruit!

While Betsy was happy to help, the other two got bored.  I suggested they explore the stream and the footpath on the other side.  They did for a while, then sat in the car listening to the radio and laughing at funny things they were doing.

Betsy with the woodchip covered potato bed.

Tuesday was a quiet one, lots of gaming.  I spent a long time putting together our Iceland information, applying for European Health cards, rejigging the budget, printing out accommodation details etc.  I was able to get our boarding passes for the flights already too.

The girls made up a murder mystery game with a fingerprint activity book (designed to make cute fingerprint animals!).  I was pronounced innocent, thank goodness.

They played a couple of rounds of Doggie Doo.

Wednesday was back to swimming lessons and parkour.  Except when we got up and out the door at 8.45am (so early for us!) the car had a flat tyre.  My days of changing tyres are long over, not least because you have to undo a bolt and crawl underneath the car to get the spare!

The rescue guy came later that morning, so we were able to get to parkour in the afternoon.

They used a parachute as part of the warm up.  So fun!

Happy Betsy.

Zoe and Billy came over on Thursday.  Betsy was on Popjam a lot.  She has 1.9k followers now!

A bit of post lunch movement.
 Gaming together.

Meg and I popped to the shop and saw 3 Canadian geese on the way.  They hardly ever come to our bit of canal, and we were both quite excited about it!

On Friday we went to the zoo with Jessica, Sarah-Jane and Jessica's friend Andreas (via the tyre place, which took ages).

Playground first, while Sarah-Jane had milk.  

A brilliant minibeasts tour at the butterfly house.  We dressed up as millipedes!

 The two crocodiles and one of their babies.

We went to see the elephants and rhinos.  I can't remember if I wrote this before, but an elephant has over 100,000 muscles in its trunk.  Mind blowing.

We saw the bird show again.  Love it every time.

 Beautiful flamingos.

 African hunting dogs.

The weekend - basically most of the neighbour kids have been here.  Lots of playing, inside and out.


  1. Sometimes you don't realise what you've done til you write it all down!