Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Chicken pox sucks

Both the girls have chicken pox now. Another week in quarantine. Poor Freddie is restless. He hasn't played with anyone except Jarvis for nearly 3 weeks.

The last couple of days have been tricky, with Betsy and Meg feeling rough. There's been an awful lot of simultaneous crying. We've done a few things to try and keep busy, but it's not easy.

Freddie adorned the windows with dinosaur stickers.

We made a cosy den outside, for lunch and play.

We did some sticking. Freddie made superglittery people (which will turn into thank you cards as soon as I make the time).

Betsy made a couple of chicken pox people!

We did some painting, and playdough. Freddie painted me a rainbow.

It started to rain outside, so the den came in. Betsy made a nest in there.

Freddie wanted 'the best toast ever' made from home made bread. So we made the bread, and he enjoyed the toast (and so did I).

That was all on Monday. Tuesday and today have been pretty much written off. Fred has been so patient, and helped me out so many times. He ran out to get the washing in when it started raining and Betsy was asleep on my lap. He's fetched things for himself, for me, and the girls. I'm so proud of him.

I cannot wait until chicken pox has left this house!


  1. The chicken pox person is inspired! You must be climbing the walls x

  2. Hi! Your blog - this is something incredible!
    Please tell me how you baked this wonderful bread?