Sunday, 3 July 2011

I love the Flaming Lips (plus, how cool is Alexandra Palace?)

We returned home from holiday at 5pm, and were out the door (leaving the kids with my mum) at 7pm. We were on our way to the Alexandra Palace in north London.

I've lived in or around west London for most of my life, and never been to Ally Pally. It's amazing. It's on top of a hill and the views over London are spectacular.

The building itself is wondeful. It was built in the 1870s and is very grand.

We were there to see The Flaming Lips perform their album The Soft Bulletin. We saw them once before in Victoria Park and knew they put on a great show.

There were giant balloons suspended from the ceiling.

Then it started, with a riot of lights, lasers, balloons, and confetti. Just the most wonderful thing!

They are brilliant. It was a fantastic night.

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  1. Wow fantastic pictures. It looked like a brilliant night.