Tuesday, 6 November 2012


No photos today, I didn't find the time to take any.  It's been a lovely day.  We went to Whipsnade Zoo to meet up with some other home ed families.  I really enjoy going to the zoo this time of year - it's quiet, we can drive around for free, and now they've just opened an indoor play centre.
We started off by driving around the whole place, and for a while were happily stuck in a traffic jam caused by camels in the road.  Unpleasantly, we watched magpies sitting on the backs of the great white rhinos, picking at their skin with their beaks and eating their flesh.  I've never seen anything like it before.  The rhinos were trying to shake them off, but the birds soon landed again and carried on.
After a picnic in the car we walked along to the play centre.  On the whole the kids enjoyed playing with the people we met up with.  Betsy got upset after a while, saying Freddie wouldn't play with her.  I've just bought Siblings Without Rivalry, hoping that I can pick up some tips on handling situations like this.
I really liked meeting up with other mums.  If the kids want we can go there every week.
We got back just before tea.  After they'd eaten I asked if they'd like to go to the library, as we had DVDs to return.  The library opens late on a Tuesday, and I thought they'd like to go there in the dark.
I was right!  There was a real novelty in doing a daytime activity at night time.  The theatre was all lit up, and a couple of gardens had fairy lights.  The dark evenings definitely have some benefits.  I want to buy a dark light and do some cool things with glow sticks.  Right this second though I'm starving, so I'm off to make dinner....

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