Friday, 9 November 2012

Two playgrounds

I took Meg to the doctors again this morning.  She's had a rash for a week and it looked really horrible.  Turns out she has shingles.  Shingles!  The steroids seem to be the culprit, lowering her immune system which triggered the dormant virus to reactivate.  Poor Meg, it's hard to pick her up as she's in some pain on one side of her body.  Time to start building her resistance up, thank goodness she's still breast feeding.

I was able to take her to the GP without Freddie and Betsy as Rob had the day off.  They went to town and Fred had a haircut.  After lunch, we went to Wycombe Rye, a gorgeous park with a lido, a river, a mill and two playgrounds.

The autumn colours were spectacular, even on a gloomy grey afternoon.
The first playground is your standard metal framed play equipment set up.  Swings, slides, climbing frames, that kind of thing.
After the kids had had enough there we walked along to the next playground, past the very pretty mill.
The playground is set under the trees, and made of wood.  It has a network of raised wooden platforms and rope bridges, and lends itself to all sorts of games.  
We spent much longer here.  We played a game where Freddie was a dinosaur to be captured, Betsy was a puppy, Rob was a dinosaur catcher.  Lots of fun!  We watched some teenagers doing the most amazing acrobatic feats on the outdoor sunken trampolines, somersaults and all sorts. The kids span on a very fast little roundabout.
We walked back to the car park along the river as dusk was falling.
Rob is taking *all* of the kids to his parents tomorrow.  My first night not in the same building as Meg.  I'm staying home to reorganise the entire bloody house.  I'm itching to get started!  But also worried about my Meg.  I anticipate a huge nursing session on her return on Sunday....


  1. How did it go? Did you and Meg survive?

    Poor lamb getting the shingles :( Hope she's on the mend x

  2. Yes! She didn't ask for me at all while she was away. I think she was a bit shocked to see me on Sunday afternoon, and we had a huge hug and then she was ok. And the house is organised woohoo!