Thursday, 10 January 2013

More foggy adventures

We're all still enjoying Plants vs Zombies, but have eased off a little since Tuesday's all day session.  Yesterday was our home ed co-op, and Joelle had organised some group games with a community/cooperative vibe.  Some of the games, like rats tail and what's the time Mr Wolf, were a big hit with Fred and Betsy.  A couple of the games weren't their cup of tea.  Overall they really enjoyed it.
Today (after some essential time on Plants vs Zombies) we met up with some families at the Ashridge Estate.  As we drove closer it became foggier and foggier, to all of our delight!  We found our friends in the murk, and went for a walk in the muddy woodland.  The kids climbed on fallen tree trunks and stomped though gloopy muddy puddles.  There is something wonderful about being in the fog.
It was very cold.  Betsy was toasty warm, wearing her merino wool leggings and long sleeved vest under her clothes.  Freddie doesn't seem to feel the cold.  Meg got pretty miserable, saying her foot hurt.  I carried her most of the way in the wrap, but she was still unhappy.  She was much happier after a sleep on the way home.
Friday tomorrow, with nothing more energetic planned than a visit to the library.  Then it's my birthday weekend #1!  I'm 40 on Monday, and dragging out the celebrations for as long as possible :-)

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you're having a lovely day x