Monday, 21 January 2013

...still snowed in (sort of)...

Rob and I had a very rare night away on Saturday.  Mum battled through the weather to stay at ours, while we took the train to London.  Rob had bought me tickets to The Mouse Trap for my birthday.  An excellent present, I love Agatha Christie.  We had dinner in a Mediterranean restaurant, and had time for a drink in a pub before heading to St Martins Theatre.  It was excellent.  Afterwards we walked back to the hotel at Marble Arch.  Fabulous.

It snowed again on Sunday.  Freddie and Betsy have been sledging with friends, and we've made more snowmen.  Our plans for the week are out the window.  Our car does not cope well on icy roads, and while the main roads are ok the little roads we're on are not great.  So, no co-op, no zoo, and I'm not sure if we'll get to our friends' houses on Thursday and Friday. I'm hoping we'll finally make some thank you cards, and do some baking.
Meg's hair has been getting in her face, so Rob persuaded me to give it a trim - her first haircut!  She looks very cute.

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  1. Well done with the haircut! I do Theakston's fringe occasionally but take the least possible amount off in case I mess it up so there's enough to work with for someone to fix it hehe.