Thursday, 3 January 2013

Trit trot...

The kids had their pony riding lesson today.  It remains a highlight of our schedule (such as it is).  Freddie did much of his lesson without the lead rein, and he managed to get the pony to stop and start as directed.  He looked so grown up!
Betsy is rarely happier than on a horse.  She glows.
Very excitingly, Meg had her first ride today.  She has been talking about it for a few weeks, saying 'me go on horse, me wear hat'!  The stables owner said that she's happy for 2 year olds to ride, so Meg had her opportunity.  And she loved it!  She seemed happy and confident, if a little wobbly.
After the riding we went straight to a birthday party in some woods.  It was lovely.  There was hide and seek, a puppet show, baked potatoes and hot chocolate.  Lots of fun.

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