Thursday, 7 February 2013


I'm not feeling very bloggy at the moment, but I do want to do a quick post about the farm we visited this morning.  We went last year too,and it's one of my favourite places we've been to.

The farmer talked to us about the cattle first.  They're in a barn for the winter.  They have bulls, steers, and heffers.  He fed them with a very odd dried mix (including Maltesers, cottage cheese and biscuits). One of the heffers had been hand reared, so the kids were able to stroke her.  Freddie did, Betsy and Meg didn't.

Off the lambing shed next.  The farmer talked for a while but I don't know what he said - I was focused on Meg who was not enjoying herself!  She has just started to say 'I want to go home'.  She said it *a lot* this morning.  Thankfully we soon went to see the lambs were being bottled-reared.  Freddie and Betsy helped put clean straw down for them, and they all had a go feeding a lamb with a bottle of milk.
Betsy was very happy doing the straw, so we left her there and went back to the main lambing shed to see a lamb being born.
We left shortly after this, Meg had really had enough by this point.  Freddie loved it, and Betsy really liked helping with the straw.

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