Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Back with renewed energy!

I've enjoyed my blog break, but now I'm back!  It's still freezing, it keeps trying to snow, but spring is in the air at last.  

Since I last blogged, I've decided to step back from our regular group.  It was evolving into a more structured set-up, and that doesn't suit the kids.  We'll continue to meet up with the families we made friends with.

It changes the dynamic of our week, but that's no bad thing.  Thursdays have become our busy day, with pony riding and the opportunity to meet up with people at a National Trust deer park.  

Freddie and Betsy have both recently joined after school clubs.  Freddie is going to martial arts with two local friends and loves it, while Betsy has joined Rainbows and is very very happy too.  Big changes for us!

So, today.  Zoe and Billy came over today.  Billy likes Skylanders, so he and Freddie played for a while.  Freddie ordered a new giant yesterday - Thumpback - and it arrived today.
Betsy, Meg, Zoe and I played Pop to the Shops.  Freddie joined in with Thumpback!  It was quite hard to keep track of who was doing what.  Meg kept removing her piece from the board, knocking her money onto the floor, and changing her mind about what should be in her shopping baxket.  Freddie and Billy both came and went from the game, is was all very confusing!  In the end, Betsy won, so it was worth it.
After they left, Betsy asked me to draw around her.  We have a huge roll of paper that my step dad got from work, and is perfect for the job.
She added a dog to her picture.
Meg wanted to join in.
Tomorrow we're off to ThinkTank in Birmingham - time to get busy making lunches and getting clothes out ready for an early (to us) start.....

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  1. So glad to have you back!!

    Sounds like a lot of fun changes going on. And I love the drawing round the kids :)