Thursday, 18 July 2013

Happiness is swimming!

We went to the lido again yesterday.  We met up with three other families and had a blast.  

Freddie was in the water from 11.30 until 2.30, and had his lunch in the car on the way home.  He spent his time water bombing (this was ok with the lifeguards.  It was strictly banned when I was a kid!), and generally swimming about.  He can do front crawl for a few strokes, and was really pleased with himself.

Betsy spent ages practicing a series of balancing moves.  She loved playing with one of the other mums too.

Meg had itchy feet.  She wanted to be in the kids pool, then the big pool.  Then the blanket.  Then the kids pool, the big pool.  Repeat many times!

The girls were exhausted afterwards, and for the first time in ages Betsy slept in the car and all the way into the house.

This morning we studied Swedish culture, i.e. we went to Ikea.  Sorry, crap joke!  The kids wanted to go into the creche.  They played for the full hour, and I had breakfast and converstion with some other home ed parents.  Then we wandered around the store, playing in a couple of the pretend house.  Betsy was upset when we left, as she wanted to play longer.  The others were hungry for lunch.  

In the afternoon, Freddie played minecraft and the girls painted stone and loo rolls in the garden (followed by a shower to remove the paint from feet and legs!).

Later, Jarvis invited Freddie and Betsy swimming with his mum and gran.  Betsy was absolutely delighted!  Usually only Freddie goes.  She came back so happy, saying it was the best day ever.

My mum is over now, she's babysitting so Rob and I can go out to celebrate 10 years together :-)

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