Monday, 8 July 2013

Parties and sunshine

Another busy few days here.  Friday was the home ed day at Camp Mohawk.  We all love it there, and I think it's made me a bit complacent.  

Each time we've been, the kids have gone off and played and had enormous amounts of fun.  This time, Freddie took the sword he'd bought at Legoland.  That really changed the dynamic of how he and his friends played.  There was a boy he hadn't met before, and the group splintered into an 'us v them' situation.  Freddie hit someone with the sword.  He got called a son of a bitch.  There were reports of them putting another boy into a bush.  Ugh.  When we talked about it, Freddie observed that taking the sword had made things more troublesome.  And I observed that I had not paid enough attention.  Lessons learned!

On Saturday I took Freddie to Billy's birthday party.  They watched the first (new) Star Wars film, and had a massive water fight in the garden afterwards.  

Meanwhile, Rob was under instruction from Betsy to organise a birthday party for her new baby bat.  They decorated cakes, played pass the parcel and everyone had a lovely time!

Sunday was all about the Wimbledon mens finals.  Amazing, amazing amazing.  Luckily the kids played a lot at Jarvis's so they weren't too horribly neglected for the afternoon.....

Rob also found time to go to the allotment and harvest 2.5 kilos of strawberries.  Awesome.  

It's a new week now, and the sun is still shining.  We headed to the splash park, to what is becoming a regular park meet up.  It was really well attended today, with 7 or 8 families.

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