Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hot hot hot

We accidentally went on a long walk today.  We met up with two other families at the local nature reserve.  Our planned activity had been bumped thanks to a large school group, and we were sent off in the opposite direction with paper and pencils, and advised to find a tree to sit under.

Off we went.  We walked.  And walked.  And walked!  There were shrubby trees, but no trees with grass and a view to draw.  And it was hot!  The kids did really well, even though this isn't their idea of fun.  We walked so far that we realised there was no going back - we may as well carry on around the rest of the lake.

We saw some interesting things along the way.  The kids found a bee on the ground.  It didn't look well.  It's proboscis was clearly visible, something none of us had seen before.  I picked it up and put it in a flower.  I'm sure it died anyway, but it looked like a nicer place to be than the dusty ground.

The wild flowers were beautiful, and we saw many butterflies dancing around them.

The kids missed the baby spiders safe in their nursery, they'd walked quite far ahead.

We walked for about 1 hour 40 minutes, at a slow pace and including a few stops.  Fred and Betsy were relieved when we got back to the car!  We walked around the lakes here:

Freddie said he didn't enjoy it, but he was amazed that he did it.

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