Monday, 1 May 2017

We were back to TVAP on Monday, after a long break for the school holiday.  The kids joined in an egg drop challenge, all their eggs surviving the fall.

Tuesday we waited in for the heating engineer, as the boiler isn't working.  It looks like it's going to be a very expensive fix, ugh.  Luckily we have an immersion heater so we can have hot water for now.

Meanwhile, Betsy made English muffins.  I helped a tiny bit - clarification of the recipe, a minute of kneading - but basically she did it herself.  They were delicious, and were eaten very quickly!

No puncture this week so we made it to the pool for swimming and diving.

Meg brings her ipad, as she's only in the pool for 30 of the 90 minutes we're there.

Parkour and knitting in the afternoon.

On Thursday we went to Mum's for a walk in her local woods.  We do this every year when the bluebells are out (2015 visit).  They were particularly spectacular this year, lots more than usual.

That evening Mum and I went to see the National Theatre production of Jane Eyre.  It was wonderful.  It's touring the UK, and I'm very tempted to see it again.

On Friday my beautiful friend Amanda visited, with Caden and Miles.  We haven't seen them in a long time (they moved to France), and it was so so good to catch up.  We're going to stay on their farm in the summer.  Can't wait!

I had some parcels to pick up in the afternoon, including a suitcase in a huge box.  Who doesn't like a box to play in..?

I worked on Saturday morning - started at 5am, so took a photo of the dawn sky.

Meg helped Rob with the food shopping, Fred played online, Betsy played at Erin's.

We watched a couple of films in the afternoon.

We did a charity 5km on Sunday, called Bubble Rush.  The course takes you through 8 bubble stations.  It was excellent!  We raised £150 for a local hospice, and had great fun doing it.

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