Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Half term

Half term was pretty busy.  Betsy was playing Pokemon go A Lot!  The enthusiasm has passed again now.

It rained heavily one day, and Meg made the most of the big puddles.

Fred and Betsy's Sea Cadets merchandise arrived.

Betsy spotted a lethargic bee, and made a rescue home for it.  We made up a sugar solution.  It worked, and the bee had flown off the next morning.

Meg has learnt to cycle, and loves it.

We went on our annual visit to Colourscape, with my friend from work and her daughters.  As fabulous as usual.

Betsy and Meg went to a craft day at the Queens Park Arts Centre, making stuffed animals.  Meg made a snake, and Betsy made our old cat Mabel.

Later we went to the playground along the canal with friends.  Lots of wildlife spotting, playing and ice cream.

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