Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The week started at TVAP.  We're doing the arts award, and the theme this time was music.  One of the parents is a professional cellist, and she and her daughter played some pieces.  Beautiful.

There was a drumming circle, and afterwards the kids could explore and play with the various instruments.

Meg had a long go on the dulcimer.

Later the usual piano lesson for Betsy, and Cadets in the evening.

Tuesday is catch up day, laundry and stuff.  Betsy made flapjacks, Meg had Beavers and did a hike for an explorer badge.

Wednesday we were back to the farm (we played hooky last week, as we were all tired).  The farmer showed us the animals, all pets rather than livestock.

Then up to the spinney.  It was a lovely day, perfect weather under the shade of the trees.

We picked Fred's bike up on the way home.  He loves it!

Parkour on Thursday.  Fred finally made it up the wall, he was so pleased.

Friday - Mohawk.  Our first time since March!  Lovely to be back.  I ran a fun, noisy nature craft, pounded leaf prints.  The birds of prey came.  The first of Fred's birthday cakes.  Great day.

21 day old long eared owl chick!  In another 2 weeks it will be fully grown with adult feathers.

My beautiful rose opened.  It is scented, and so lovely.

Rob and Betsy off out for a run/cycle.  This was a 4 mile session, and on Sunday they did a 7 mile one!

The next day was Fred's birthday!  13!  Jarvis come for a 2 night sleepover on Friday, and they were up and out early to go paintballing with a bunch of friends.  I need Fred to give me his photos so I can add them here.

Birthday cake and McDonalds on their return.

On Sunday I was up and out early to a 10km Race For Life!

Back in the afternoon to do another birthday cake, with Mum and Chris this time.

That's 2 of the 4 family birthdays over for June.  Meg and Grandad to go, as well as Father's Day. 

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