Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Day

A busy one here today. Rob took Freddie and Betsy to the playground while I prepared the roast beef plus trimmings for lunch with my family. I love beef but am still learning how to cook a joint, and today (for me) it was overdone. Oh well. The yorkshire puddings rocked!

We made crumble with the first few stalks of rhubarb from the allotment. It's the first thing we've eaten off it this year.

Nan brought us some beautiful roses. Mum brought excellent sausages from the food fair, and toblerones.

F and B spent the afternoon playing with the water snake and persuaded Rob to get the paddling pool out. Most of us ended up playing catch with them, throwing the ball into the pool.

I think I'll do a few more rows on my Shalom cardigan this evening. I did some last night and it's slowly coming on.

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