Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday

What a glorious sunny day it was today. Crazy that it's April and we're sweltering in the sun.

This morning I popped to town to get food for Sunday's roast. I got a huge topside of beef. I really hope I don't stuff it up, it cost a fortune. Freddie and Betsy played at Jarvis's.

After lunch we had a family trip to the allotment. I was so happy to see the carrot seeds poking up through the soil. Betsy and I weeded the carrots, Freddie dug for treasure, Rob weeded the onions, and Meg ate grass. Now Rob is off for 11 whole days at least one of us will pop down each day to do a bit of planting, earthing up potatoes, weeding or watering.

It was so hot when we got home that I got this really cool hose toy out that Joelle had given me earlier in the week. You plug the hose in and it sprays out of the snake in lots of tiny jets of water. Freddie and Betsy LOVED it! They stripped off and spent ages running around getting wet. Even Meg liked it though she ended up shivering!

In the evening I made a dress for Betsy. I'm delighted - I have a big stash of fabric, pattern books and sewing magazines and it's about time I started to use them!

Hopefully Betsy will want to wear it and I'll get an action pic tomorrow.

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