Thursday, 21 April 2011

Soft play on a sunny day

Yes, yes, another gap! Must try harder etc etc.

Freddie was chomping at the bit as always to go and see Jarvis. And as always I set 10am as the earliest time to go next door. Today he came racing back in tears as Jarvis had gone to Whizz Kids. Oh no! We had no plans this morning so we quickly get dressed, do a lightening strike tidy up and jump in the car.

At this point I was seriously questioning my sanity - a soft play centre in the school holidays? Crazy idea. But it was blissfully empty, everyone else outside enjoying the sunshine presumably.

So the big kids have a brilliant time racing around climbing, bouncing and sliding. Meg has fun in the tinys bit and we find a sit in toy for her amusement.

In the afternoon we went round to Amy and Daisy's for a play (F and B) and a cuppa (me and Bev). It was the first chance I'd had for Meg to wear the hat I made for her on Tuesday evening. It's a bit big, but I call that growing room :-)

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