Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Work in progress Wednesday

My first one! I have 2 WIP.

I'm about a 3rd of the way through a Shalom cardigan. I'm really hoping to get it finished by the time the NM Big Camp in mid May.

I'm about half way through a massive attic24 granny stripe blanket. This will take the rest of the year!


  1. I LOVE granny stripe blankets - the colors on yours looks amazing!

  2. I love the colors on the Shalom cardigan, just lovely!

  3. the granny stripe blanket looks amazing! everyone needs to quit blogging about crochet... now I'm feeling the itch to learn, but I already have too much in my queue. :-P

  4. Ooo, I have a granny stripe WIP too, but mine is hibernating right now. You're the second one this WIPW that is showing theirs, which makes me want to work on mine! Thanks for participating in WIPW!