Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dressing up and playing hard

There's been a great deal of serious playing this week.

On Wednesday Freddie and Archie spent ages making cement (sand/water mixture), and worked together to build a house (bits of wood and garden bits and bobs). They were using a cement trowel, and banging the makeshift bricks together with the right technique. It was fascinating to watch.

I really enjoyed the co-op this week. Jules led a session making sun dials. F and B joined in to begin with but drifted off. They might be interested in making one at home, I'll add it to my 'to offer' list.

Sonia led her first session. It was so much fun! It was a music/singing/movement affair. She surprised the kids - shouting, singing really loud, running, lying on the floor. Brilliant.

On Thursday we went to the zoo with Bev and Daisy. It poured down! What were we thinking? Freddie wasn't bothered but poor Betsy felt very sorry for herself.

Then there's been lots of dressing up and facepaint with Jarvis. That makes for one happy Freddie :-)

Today was Joshua's birthday party. It was the perfect sort of party for F and B - freeform, no games, people they know. They spent most of the time paying with Robert and Andrew, wrestling on the trampoline.

Rob spent 6 hours at the allotment. My hero!

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