Saturday, 21 May 2011

Yarn and fabric

With Freddie and Betsy away till tomorrow, I had some time to do some crafting. First I blocked the shawl I finished in the week. I've used Betsy's bed, so I hope it's dry by bedtime tomorrow! I'm happy how it's turned out. It's the first shawl I've knitted, though I have another on the go and two waiting in the wings.

Meg and I popped to town to get some fabric for the pyjama bags I wanted to make for Freddie and Betsy. On the way out of the shopping centre there was a stall with some lovely yarn, and a friendly girl knitting. It turns out she's there every Saturday. This could be bad for my (already shaky) bank balance! I bought this fabulous rainbow bright lace weight (LACE WEIGHT!) yarn. I think it will turn into a Trillion shawl.

This evening I made the pyjama bags. They are different sizes (whoops) but do the job well - PJs in the main bit of the bag, bedtime books in the outside pocket. Hope the kids like them.

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